Why is is called “Mandu” Podcast?
Mandu is the Korean word for “dumpling”.
Every culture has a savory meat and/or veggie dish that is encased in dough. The Latin Americans have the empanadas, the Americans have the chicken pot pies, the Chinese have baos….so on and so forth.
It’s one the many foods that is seen across all cultures, Although each are different, it’s something that brings everyone together.
My podcast aims to do just that – bring people together.
*Plus, it’s one of my favorite foods*

Why do you only focus on Asian American issues and voices?
Because it’s something that I didn’t see or hear growing up. Asian American voices still lack representation in the media and in other industries. My podcast is an opportunity to hear about cultural issues from Asian Americans.
I will do my best to cover as many aspects of Asian American culture as I can. If you have any suggestions for what topics I should cover, please reach out to me through Instagram or through my website’s contact page.

How often do you post an episode?
Podcasting is not my full time job so I try to schedule 2 episodes a month/bi – weekly. While I may not post on a regular schedule, I do spend a lot of time making sure that I have an amazing story to share with you all.

Is this your full time job?
Nope. I am a breaking news reporter for the Reno-Gazette Journal. I podcast on the side for fun 🙂